A system designed to certify your daily "physical activity". We want a better future: secure, ecologic, right and free. Starting from your daily habits you too can change the world. Immagine you can save C02, help the environement, live a 100% wellness style and get useful tips in the hottest growing market..and get rewards to have this lifestyle.



Use Your Human Power

One step after the other together we can save energy and improve the environment.: the legacy for generations to come.

Get Rewards, Enjoy your efforts

A complex system will receive trhough third part apps your steps, your movements, the calories consumption and calculate a WPES (Walking Power Energy Shares). Wpes are be converted in token and blockchain services by third part operators.

Organize your physical activities

Walkybit data access includes also charts and statistics,to plan gals and get more incentives.


An intrinsic value: the Power back to people. Be part of this Movement!

Share with other users and share experiences.
Do what you are used to do: move in the space have fun!
Can you imagine a better world? Together we can!
Your dreams coming true: why not?

The most amazing system is here

A service built around you.

Integration of personal income by exploiting "daily habits" as source of "renewable energy". This idea will open the doors to anyone and will allow anyone to discover the power of Blockchain increasing wellness. Wherever you live, it can help you live a better life.

The healthier the lifestyle of users, the lower the environmental impact, and the more WPES and coins people will receive: Majority of people in the world have a smartphone and already walk every day for their usual activities (a little or much, it does not matter).

Social Impact of Walkybit

Billion people could consider the opportunity of getting information on blockchain and of receiving "Wpes" for walking, as a great incentive to improve their life .


It's Easy. It's Simple! It's WalkyBit! Full understanding of display and data with instant updates. Your walks will never be the same again!

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A brilliant idea for brilliant minds. Your Future is calling, right here and right now.

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  • I’m a happy man. This is fantastic product, and I suggest to anyone I know. I love WalkyBit alot :)

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    Ayan Programmer
  • Great service and brilliant idea: everything works and details put into practice will be recognized every day more all over the world. I am sure and proud.

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    Claude, teacher
  • I love fitness and I wish to see more people using it, from all over the world.

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    Frank, worker
  • I’m a happy. This is fantastic idea, and I suggest to anyone I know. I love WalkyBit alot :)

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    Mary, jornalist